Mempermudah Belanja Online, Menggandeng Indomaret Sebagai Sistem Pembayaran

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Jakarta 10/8/14
- Pesatnya pertumbuhan toko online di Indonesia dengan angka hasil positif rata-rata 10 sampai 15% setiap tahunnya, serta meningkatnya kegiatan dunia maya menggugah perusahaan eCommerce Indonesia terkemuka untuk berinovasi membuat sebuah program yang didedikasikan demi menjawab kebutuhan para konsumen.

Populasi Indonesia yang mayoritas hampir 80% pengguna internet dan meningkatnya masyarakat akan internet dalam penerapan sistem teknologi kedepan melatarbelakangi pengembangan belanja mudah tanpa antri yang diinisiasi oleh tersebut. Berbagai produk lengkap ditawarkan kepada konsumen dengan tujuan utama, yaitu kesempatan berbelanja aman, murah dengan dilengkapi fitur perlindungan pembayaran dan mudah.

Belanja online sekarang ini sudah menjadi agenda kegiatan rutin di kalangan masyarakat di era modernisasi. Kehadiran eCommerce mempermudah fasilitasi kebutuhan masyarakat. menawarkan diskon atau cashback hingga 50% setiap harinya. Demi menyukseskan dalam berkembangnya dunia bisnis eCommerce di pasar Indonesia, menggandeng perusahaan retail terbesar di Indonesia yakni Indomaret sebagai pembayaran digital.

Dalam kesempatan yang sama, juga memberi penjelasan singkat mekanisme pembayaran digital tersebut. Dengan konsumen mengisi form lalu melakukan transfer dana sesuai total belanja dan pembayaran dengan pilihan melalui Indomaret. Setelah itu konsumen akan menerima pesan melalui email yang dapat langsung ditunjukkan ke kasir Indomaret terdekat untuk membayar sesuai total di pesan email sebelumnya. Maka pembayaran telah lunas tanpa harus konfirmasi langsung ke dan tinggal menunggu belanjaan yang telah dipesan.

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Built in Storage Comes along with Compact Fireplace

Posted by Strawberry on Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Don’t you agree that winter is not winter without a radiator and fireplace? Yeah, it’s so cold outside and we cannot stand this cold weather without their help. Davide Tonizzo comes with a solution for, not just a solution actually because he also offers his Esquilino. What is it? It is a finest design fireplace with a built-in storage and surface area that provide you with space for table or even an ideal coffee time.

Esquilino has its specialty with use no wood for its fire and surely it will warm your dwelling. One more thing, its woodless fire is visible by all sides keeps its look as a fireplace. It is made mainly with wood that elaborate its elegance and warmness. Built-in storage, a space for table for ideal coffee and, the most important, warm are great combination to turn your cold winter into a warm winter.
You can share those pleasures with your family at a cold evening, having good conversation and good coffee with your friends at night, having an informal business meeting, or even having a romantic date with the one that you love at the evening! Well, what you have to do now is have this thing immediately.

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Where to Stay Luxuriously in South Africa?

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Are you going to South Africa and confused where will you stay? What kind of place to stay you want to stay? Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens have every requirement that you may apply for their newest design of their newest luxury villa. South African designer seems like in their peak time to stun everyone with their stunning works, especially Silvio and Lesley who won the award.

 Those designers from INK Design Lab just made a luxury villa with cave-like interior! Could you imagine that? The idea is to combine the rawness of a cave and the luxury of a villa. Thatched roofs, stacked stone chimneys, and raw wood details are very stunning. This villa looks like a complete place to stay and spend holiday. Its dome-topped tower and an outdoor pool that overlooking spectacularly beautiful landscape of tree.
The interior and furniture that is so luxurious yet cave-looking; and the dark warm ambiance remind us of real cave. This villa is combining perfectly luxury, rawness, elegance and modernity mix up into one luxury yet cave-looking villa. Are you going to South Africa? Then, you should visit this gorgeous villa.

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Bluetooth Gramophone That Is Perfect for You and Other Modern People to Own: Gramavox

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Gramavox is the latest technology that is perfect for you to choose if the vintage sounds from a gramophone are the ones that you miss the most but you do not want to be troubled maintaining the old music player. This is in fact a Bluetooth gramophone that can be used to play music and songs from your device via wireless connectivity, which is no other else but Bluetooth.

The design of Gramavox is inspired from the design of real gramophone speaker available in the year of 1920s. Even so, this is made to look simpler because it only consists of the speaker in black color and also a wooden box at the lower part which also functions as the stand of this Bluetooth gramophone. In this wooden box also, all sophisticated technologies available and makes this speaker to work in way more modern system.
With a rather simple design like this, it is so certain that the Gramavox is so suitable to be put as a part of modern or contemporary interior and decoration. This can be placed anywhere, including on living room table. Other than that, this can also be place on top of medium-sized family room cabinet. Instead, you can simply place it on your mini bar table so that you can enjoy every evening there perfectly.

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Madelynn Furlong's Apartment for Perfect Inspirations of Cozy Industrial Apartment

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The difficulties in create cozy and comfortable apartment with industrial style seems to be solved by Madelynn Furlong’s apartment that is located in an area in Minneapolis. There quite a lot of inspirations can be obtained there, such as the use of wooden flooring with a rather light color and the combination of brick and white walls. One more thing that you have to know is that this house also offers budget industrial apartment interior decoration since there are quite a lot of DIY projects and antique stores items found there.

In over all, it can be said that this apartment is decorated in 3 main colors. Those are white, black, and also natural wooden color found on floor and furniture. The white color can be found in walls and some decorations and furniture. Besides, there is also a bedroom in the apartment that is decorated mostly in white color. On the other hand, black is the color that if found to decorate the rest room of this apartment the most.
Cozy feeling that can be found in this apartment is actually located in several parts. There are some addition of furry details on chair, bed, and sofa. There are also some decorations like simply-arranged flowers in vase and candle.

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Lamps and Sculptures at the Same Time?: Prisma Lamp Series

Posted by Strawberry on Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prisma Lamp Series that is created by Diana Dumitrescu is actually something that is made as a form of design trend by the designer. The trend that is meant here is in fact geometric trend that seems to be booming in many aspects of life, including wedding decoration and also home design as the one that we are talking about here. For you to know, this lamp series is actually just one of her complete collections.

If seen from the design, the way this lamp works is actually quite the same with the way car headlight works. The reason is because there are some mirrored surfaces used in the design of the lamp and the function is to reflect light. The position of these surfaces is right inside the shade of the lamp. With this kind of design, the light produced by the lamp can be directed to certain desired direction by user.

If seen at a glance, prisma lamp, which is available in some colors including; black and white, looks like sculpture also. This impression looks stronger in the floor lamp instead of the pendant and wall lamps. Of course, this sculpture impression comes from no other else but the prism shape applied by the designer as the shade of each lamp. This actually makes the lamps to be more than just a lighting source but also decoration that is suitable to choose for modern, minimalist, contemporary, or any other interior design. From all of those designs, minimalist is the most suitable one.
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Louis Vuitton: The Special Value of French Fashion House

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In 1934, French fashion house Louis Vuitton made a stylish, modern, elegance and amazing design of a compact modernist beach house, they named it their ‘La Maison au Bord de l’Eau’ (The Waterfront House) but it is built  8 decades later.

The interior of the house mainly consists of the wood with some pictures on the walls and some cool natural plants within the house. Most of the furniture is made of the wood and there are glasses for boundary at each room. The natural light wood used for the interior and exterior, the white tent covered its middle patio and the elegance design of this house ha successfully made this house worth to build.

What is so special about this beach house? What is so special about it is its open patio right in the very middle of the house which is covered by a big white tent. Like the other beach house, this beach house design is also stylish and calm. The stylish and calm of this house is very emphasizes by its natural light wood. This house is built mainly by natural light wood, interior and exterior. The walls, the floors and lots of furniture are covered with it.

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Spark Your Room! Contemporary Living Room Ideas

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Some home owners would be to apply an attractive design in the main room. This is because the room will serve as a place to gather together the whole family. So we will also make the room as a place that is very interesting and enjoyable. To get an impression that, should we also have to put some furniture with an attractive design. So we will get the maximum results. Indeed, some of the furniture that we will use in this design has a high price. However, it would be comparable with all the comforts that we will get. It also will give effect to the appearance of the contemporary living room ideas. In fact, some home owners are usually always make this design as the top choice for them.

To maximize the performance of contemporary living room ideas we also have to do some things. The size of the living room it would be a good consideration for us. So it would suit us to implement the desired design. The larger the size of the living room, then we also will be more easy to get comfort for the whole family when gathered together. In addition, we will also be easier with a large variety of furniture which will now be placed on the living room. It can certainly be a calculation that we will do to get comfortable on the living room. The furnishings are typically placed on the living room like a large sofa, entertainment equipment, cabinet, and a few chairs.
Usually lighting for contemporary living room ideas will also be a good influence on all parts of the room. We can put some light on the living room wall. In fact, some homeowners will also provide comfort through the lamp stand which is placed around the couch. The using of lighting will also give the appearance of a maximum on the application of colors contained in the living room.
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